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This gives you an overview of all the people who were active during one or more pas d’armes. If you click on a particular person, a new screen will appear showing the pas at which that person was present and the role that he or she played during the event. Apart from some basic biographical data (date of birth and death, where available), you will also see how the person is named in the source that records relevant to a particular pas. In the list of names, we have given the first names in modern Castilian, Dutch, English or French, with a standardised spelling (e.g. Pedro, Adriaan, John or Antoine). The same applies to most of their surnames (e.g. Suero Quiñones, Jacques de Lalaing), with the exception of those of the highest social ranks, for whom a conventional anglicised form exists (e.g. Margaret of Austria). To search the database from a drop-down menu, click on the red ‘Search Database’ button.