The knight-defender’s pavilion at the Pas de la Fontaine des Pleurs, showing a unicorn, the Lady of the Fountain of Tears (left), the Madonna and Child (top centre) and Charolais Herald. Livre des faits de messire Jacques de Lalaing. Los Angeles, J. Paul Getty Museum, 114, fol. 1113r. Photo: Getty.

In order to make the data used in our book, website and virtual exhibition more accessible to both scholars and the general public, we have created an online database in Nodegoat. This database contains details of all pas d’armes held between c.1420 and c.1520 (i.e. exact dates and locations, names of entrepreneurs and challengers, composition of teams, type of combat, theatrical scenario, ephemeral architecture, guests and spectators, etc.). The database can be searched by Events, i.e. all such tournaments that can be classified as pas d’armes; People, i.e. all people involved in the pas d’armes as combatants, judges, spectators, guests, etc.; and Locations, i.e. all towns, villages, castles and other places where the events took place. The database is currently under development and will be made available in the course of 2024.